Reslink gives you a real-time view of what is happening in the field.

Improve your field process with the mobile solution which is developed and successfully deployed in Brewery business processes.

Reslink is an easy to use and cost-effective field force management system that provides you with real-time information on every crucial aspect of your field operations, gathered and transmitted by utilizing cutting-edge location and asset tracking technologies.

1 Monitor the progress of your service process in real-time
1 Respond immediately to exceptions and incidents
1 Ensure the safety of your employees
1 Improve the efficiency of your operations and invoice all executed services
1 Provide your customers with detailed proof of service delivery
1 Do without unnecessary paperwork

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Technical Service

“Reslink patented mobile data collection solution is Olvi Corporation’s chosen method for recording and reporting maintenance employees’ work time entry, the quality and variety of the brewery maintenance tasks.”

Magnus Österlind

Business Process Manager, Carlsberg Sverige AB

“Reslink’s solution provides an efficient way of monitoring brewery-owned equipment at customer sites. Our field technicians can record their maintenance work in real-time and respond faster to customer requests.”

Desire Thys

Head of Sales Benelux Antoine

“The implementation process has been hugely informative for the company and now ATS can reap the full benefits of their web-based real time system. RFID NFC tags placed in each service location that are read by the technicians mobile phone deliver instant proof of visits.”

How it works

Reslink gives you a real-time view of what is happening in the field. It consists of two parts:
  • A mobile app, which enables your employee to record, transmit and receive location-specific data in real-time by simply scanning NFC/RFID tags or Barcodes that are placed at your clients’ locations with their mobile phones.
  • A cloud-based back-office system, which is accessible from any computer, tablet and smartphone with an Internet connection. It empowers you to monitor your employee and the progress of their work from anywhere, anytime.


Real-time information on every essential aspect
Reslink monitors your service and supplies you with real-time data on where they are and what they are doing. All information is immediately available in your back-office system, giving you full control of your field operations at any time.

Faster response to exceptions and service malfunctioning
Any incidents and exceptions, including failed attendances, are identified instantly and reported to your web-based solution in real-time. This enables you to respond much faster and deal with situations before they can become a problem.
Improved safety for your employees
Constantly tracking your employees positions ensures you know that your employees are where they are supposed to be.

Increased operating efficiency and job performance
Reslink reduces your administrative workload and enables you to provide your employees with better assistance on the job, thus improving their performance. Constant monitoring leads to an increased sense of accountability and more professionalism among your employees.

Detailed proof of service delivery
Reliable proof-of-attendance as well as detailed documentation of tasks and incidents guarantee you can verify that all services were completed as agreed. Being able to proof the high quality of your services increases customer satisfaction and gives you the competitive edge to secure profitable long-term contracts.

Paperwork is a thing of the past
All essential information is accessible to you in your back-office system 24/7 and can be shared “paperless” with relevant individuals. This reduces the stacks of paper on your desk dramatically and shows your customers that you care about the environment.


Service installation orders

Installation orders can be generated in the Reslink web-based system even if the external back office solution is mastering these orders and generating the order and cost center number which are then followed up. Installation order can merge within the cost center number: linked employee(s), location / customer for installation, budgeted time usage and devices which are planned to be installed.


Reslink’s platform has always had an open integration interface. In most cases, companies who want to reap the benefits of mobilization already have some kind of master data in place and back office systems in use. Our interface is open for any kind of integration.  Reslink’s interface is web-service based and SOAP XML are the standards we follow. Different external systems such as ERP, CRM and Workforce Management can be integrated in real time to Reslink. Hundreds of integrations to many back office systems have already been done.

Merchandising Product Orders

Sales and merchandising work to boost sales is particularly suitable for mobile devices. Information about the tasks done in the field, such as: ordering products, campaign execution and management in places like supermarkets, arranging the product on the shelves, or campaign message delivery to the bar owners can be reported in real time with Reslink.

Consumer Solutions

Reslink is capable to deploy also mobile solutions for the consumers. Location based feedback and suggestions about the new services are part of the service we can offer. Please ask more at:

Beer and Beverage Quality

Follow up of the draft beer lines and of the post mix devices are both very important quality factors. In each case quality is affected by the initial bar installation and setup which is often in the hands of the bar employees or restaurant owner.

Customer Feedback

Every employee deserves customer feedback about the work they have done! Reslink can provide the brewery or service company an easy way to create and send feedback questionnaires via SMS or even mobile applications to the service customers.

GPS Tracking + Optimizer

GPS is a well known technology and is available in all Reslink field force applications. The employees’ current location can be seen in real time to help optimize travel routes when service tickets are sent out to the field. The nearest available technician is easy to find from the web-based map tracking.


Data collected in real-time can be represented graphically in the form of different KPI’s. Summarized information shown in pie-charts and histograms immediately delivers management a view of how the employees on the field are proceeding.

Asset Tracking

Restaurants are full of expensive assets with associated data such as who owns the devices, and are the devices rented or leased. Reslink can track these devices with a unique RFID NFC chip or barcode.

Help Desk + Trouble Shooting

A 24/7 help desk or day time support help desk is an important part of promised customer service levels. Well managed master data creates a solid base for an efficient help desk. Customer information is immediately available with the latest service data included.

Sanitation Scheduling

Scheduling of the beer line sanitation cycle is challenging as it is influenced by many facts and principles. These include the technician allocated to that bar, the bar’s sanitation cycle, the individual beer line sanitation cycle, employee holiday plans, and urgent call-outs when a line must be washed due to taste or quality issues.


Beer line cleaning (sanitation) is a very important action for ensuring beer quality. Line cleanliness is a result of regular servicing at the correct timing intervals and there is no beer brand in the world that does not want to take proper care of this critical issue.


Our carefully selected resellers are fully committed to our high quality standards. Combining their deep industry knowledge and our state-of-the-art mobile technology, Reslink resellers create customized solutions that help you increase customer loyalty and set yourself apart from the competition. You can locate your closest reseller in the map below.

We are constantly looking for companies providing industry software solutions, systems integrators and IT consultants to join our worldwide reseller network. If you want to grow your revenue and increase your profitability by selling, implementing and supporting our products and solutions, please get in touch with us.

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